About me

Stories allow us to transcend time and place, shape our perspective on what it means to be human. When you enter a story, something magical happens, and for me entering a story on screen is where the greatest magic of all happens.

I’m a screenwriter and filmmaker with a passion for cinematic storytelling. I studied drama and education at Edge Hill University and filmmaking at the Irish Film School in Dublin, with film director John Boorman. While at university, I directed several theatre productions, one of which went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I have over twenty years experience working as a cinematographer.┬áMy films include ‘Scenes from the Ballindoon Cafe’ (2013), ‘Poetry from the Wall’ (2015) and ‘Emigrant Song’ (2018).

I am a graduate of Falmouth University’s MA in Writing for Script and Screen.

I specialise in writing drama scripts for film. Check out some of my screenplays to see what I’m up to.