Exercise: Blocking diagrams

I like the idea of using longer shots with camera movement in a moving image.

In a long take the composition can change, making use of different framings and angles as the camera moves through the scene. Blocking the actors positions and camera movements within a shot like this is a good way of controlling the composition.

It also helps create a shot that does not require cutting in post-production.

I experimented with a few blocking diagrams using Shot Designer to sketch out actors positions and camera movements.


INT. CAFE – DAY Character A is sitting at a table beside the window. Character B walks past the window, enters the cafe and walks down to the table. She sits at the table opposite him.



The camera starts on a Wide Shot of Character A at the table. Character B enters shot outside the window.

The camera tracks to the right, while following Character B as she walks past the window, through the cafe door and down the aisle towards the table.

As Character B sits at the table the camera tracks back to the left and ends on a two shot of both characters sitting at the table.